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Agency X : Phoenix Birthsong (Intro and Episode 1)

Well well well... The series continues. This second installment entails the original X-agents working with the newly inducted 'First Class' of the Agency-X training program as this new team shadows them on a mission that'll turn out to be a lot bigger than they expected-- Phoenix-sized.

We get to know this new 'First Class' and they bring a lot to the dynamic but underneath it all we still are dealing with a Lorna who's trying to find her footing after accomplishing what she intended to do from the moment she became a part of the agency. There are still a lot of unanswered questions and new ones will arise in this expanding story and ensemble cast. Maybe we'll get some answers now; maybe later. But the first episode is here:

Episode 1 -- Are you a believer?

Commander X tapped on the control panels at the head of the conference table. A holograph popped up displaying a young girl with raven hair. She wore a blindfold.

“As few of you are aware, there is a suspected band of mutants, yet to be identified save but one cocky smart mouthed teenager who we assume to be their leader. They’ve been raiding museums internationally, stealing particular artifacts. A total of three actually.” He said.

“We know about the thefts. Quite a simple maiden mission for the first class. Do you need us all on this baby assignment?” Alex remarked. “Hey, that doesn’t look like Kid Omega, or whatever he calls himself.” Alex referred to the holograph of the girl.

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Complete Story

Wow. In publishing tonight I realized that it's been over a two years now since I've been on again off again with this story. I made the first publishing in January 2013. I'm finally glad I've been able to complete the story (or the first "season" as I'd like to call it) and put the compilation out in one post tonight.

Since the original publishing of each "episode" there have been some minor review and editing done and what you're getting in this post is the complete first season to date.

If you've read it previously or are about to check it out now, THANK YOU.

When you're finished, leave your comments (or questions) in this post. Critique it if you feel. Be as brutal as you want. This story has always been a side project as "quick and light writing" practice, so if you're an MA in English or literature, your thoughts are invited.

Happy reading.

Oh, and as a side note: I view each half of and episode (part one and two) as the equivalent of a comic book issue in it's own right (in case you're wondering)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Episode Four : Part One

Cipher emerged as she always did when she passed through large solid objects, with the feeling of a pulling force that would usher her through. A willed pull. She emerged still invisible, inaudible, intangible to everything she wished to be, in the small cubicle sized bathroom on what was likely the lowest floor of Magneto's facility. She was able to access it through the walls of Ka-Zar’s house that were the ridge itself, deep in which this facility resided, on the mountainous interior of the savage land.
When she was fully out of the wall she stepped from the cubicle, that she wouldn't let herself smell, into a small bedroom, unoccupied with ruffled sheets on grey, bland bedding. She walked through the walls of the room that led her to a narrow grey hall. The place was well lit and she assumed that this lower floor was just the living quarters of the few treacherous crazies that were based there.
The narrow hallway lead to a staircase going up. She decided to skip the unnecessary tread and surf straight through the ceiling of this floor to higher floors where she was most certain to find the action she was looking for.
No sooner did she level on the next floor in a room far more spacious that the one below, but bare and grey with a hard-looking bed fit for a prison cell, scattered tools and scraps of circuit boards, mechanics and paper, than the door to the room swung open and the Wolverine himself threw a frail looking man into the room. He stumbled with a ghastly look in his eye and stress all over his pallid, fatigued face.
Cipher hadn't taken her eyes off him before the shadow of the Wolverine left the doorway. 'Poor guy' Cipher spoke in silence. She had no time to stick around to get to know him. Just to take note and move on.
Cipher followed the short, husky, hairy man down another well lit hallway and up another flight of stairs which landed in a small room with large glass panels above several dashboards with control panels that obviously operated some kinds of mechanics.
" Are all systems go ? " a gentle baritone came from speakers mounted somewhere in the room.
"Look's about it." answered Wolverine to the voice Alisa only assumed to be Magneto’s.
Cipher moved in closer from the entrance of the room close towards Howlett's father, who was bare chested and wearing just a pair of comfortably fitting jeans and boots.
"So we'll launch tomorrow. I don't want to be keeping around that pitiful fool any longer. We'll dispose of him tomorrow as soon as our mission is successful."
Ali saw the Wolverines head twitch and his metal claws popped through his wrist. Then he withdrew them. For a second she took fright. But then she realized it wasn't that he somehow magically detected her. Something was definitely off about him. She observed the faint reflection in the glass pane. His eyes appeared slightly spaced out and his left brow twitched. Then his eyes once again found intent to look through the glass into the next room.
When she got closer to peer over his shoulders through the glass panes she saw that the room was elevated above a wide open cavity in the ridge. The cavity must have been the biggest part of the entire facility. It was the size of a football field at least. For a second Ali imagined the expanse of a colossal creature, as it grew, maybe even digesting the inner matter of the ridge. She imagine Calisto the Krakken.
Mageto was there, hovering above a series of machines. At least 800 identical machines, coloured red and yellow, were lined in rows. They were lighting up row by row as Magneto hovered above them in his well fitted purple pinstripe suit, donning silvery locks. They were more than machines it seemed. They looked like androids. Or, at least they all bore the same familiar face. A face she had seen several times before. Ali’s invisible eyes widened with the realization of who it was, who that frail pallid "pitiful fool" must have been. Anthony Stark!
Anthony Stark was a billionaire who had, for the longest while, been supporting the mutant cause. He’s given several hefty donations to various non-profit mutant organisations and even contributed to the Agency itself. After his disappearance The Captains had been put on the case, the government believing it to be too high profile for the Agency-X and out of it’s scope since Tony is just a regular supergenius human.
Ali spent the next forty five minutes scouting the remainder of the facility. It was a bit extensive. Amazing what someone as powerful as magneto can do with just a bit of time. He was also something of a genius. Not quite on Stark’s level, but enough to be able to quality control the sentinels, make sure that Tony wouldn't be able to sabotage him, give himself power to control them remotely as a fail-safe. Genius and cunning.
For the time she wondered about the stories that Ka-zar had given them. Not much, but more that what X himself had let off. Interesting that a lot of what they've learned this week had to be second hand. Things add up, but so much more is missing. Cipher was the best at gathering intel, however, she was certain there would be more she would learn.
Forty five minutes and a full secret lair scouting later. Ali was able to report the data she gathered of the facility for the logistics of the mission; building structure, ventilation , exits, technology and the weaponry, everything. Her team all gathered in the ridge-walled room.
"He called the sentinels his iron-men... "
"Magneto has Tony Stark?" interjected Alex for the third time. He was in disbelief.
Lorna finally addressed the issue. "This complicates the mission a little bit. Mr. Stark has been missing for ten months and his case has been in The Captains' portfolio since then. We can't risk telecomm back to base being intercepted so we'll have to deal with his rescue mission till our cover's blown. His rescue is now second priority to decommissioning the sentinels. It takes precedence to Magneto's capture. "
"Magneto's capture might become more important. When I was there it appeared he could control his iron-men remotely with his powers."
"This is how the plan has to be then." continued Lorna. "Cipher will phase us up to one of the rooms on  the lowest level. There's no surveillance there. Then I'm giving her  eight minutes to phase up to the cavity. Take out the control room tech and then start taking out the sentinels. Once you're doing that we move out. Anole secure Mr. Stark. The Wolverine might come for him. Give it all you got. Havok and I will tag team Magneto. Howlett and Ka-Kazar will help taking out the machines and be ready in case any get initiated. As soon as you're done, Cipher, you get Stark and phase him out. Cipher hasn't reported Cyclops being in the facility. All clear?"
"Crystal." The agents responded.
Ka-zar gave a consenting nod.

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Episode Three : Part Two

The inside of Ka-Zar's home among the trees was just as curious as the outside. No ordinary tree house, It had rooms, compartments, on the ground as well as elevated . The floors- where there were floors- were made of the same things as the walls, and the ceilings, wood, nice carved flat panels in some places, and small cylindrical bits in others.  The place was not only intricate, it also seemed vast. The team, however, were only confined to one room near the entrance.

They were in a room just big enough to fit them all, with hammocks and a wooden day bed amongst the trunks of the trees that grew throughout the house.

"Before anything else, since no one seems to wanna say it, what the hell is this place? Who the bloody hell really are you? And where did that lion thing go?”

"This place is my home. I am Ka-zar. My Sabertoothed friend can take care of himself"

"Those don't answer my question and it's not your friend I'm worried for, I'd just like to keep an eye on him at all times. He disappeared somewhere on the way."

"What is important for you to know is that my home sits right at the  side of the hilly interior which Magneto now operates."

"We're close enough to infiltrate ."  said Ali at the realization.

All the team instinctively looked at Lorna whose eyes were widened and face alert yet somehow distant. The one thing she's wanted since slipping through her father's fingers was to return to take him down. The thought of being on the verge seemed slightly surreal to  her.

Her face became stern with determination. The x-agents, most of them, instinctively knew the directives she would issue :

"Ka-zar will let us know the best entrance point for Ciph to begin scouting. Get in, assess, get out. No tech with you. Your eyes are just going to have to be enough to map the area. Regroup, then we finalize our plan of action. Our first priority is to take out the weapons. Find out what's up their sleeve., let's trust Howlett's story, so we can know how best to take it out. We don't spare a minute after that to stop magneto."

Taking out Magneto would be the trickiest part. None of the agents really packed the power to do so on their own or even together. They'd never previously been able to best him even in simulations . He was powerful. Ruthless.

If need be, X has the Junior team and The Captains on stand-by. They can be here in no time once our cover has been blown.

"The juniors?" Anole asked.

"Easy there hotshot." Alex responded with a snide look in his eye. " Don't worry your pretty green head. I'm sure we won't have to. And even if we do, they're old enough, don't you think? Well trained." 

Anole,visibly, wasn't pleased.

Alex continued, "It's those Captains I don't wanna see."

"Follow directives, make it quick and clean, we'll be fine." responded Lorna.

She wasn't as sure as she sounded. But that's how it has to be with all leaders.

As the day passed and the evening approached, the humidity remained stagnant like a blanket that spread out across all of the savage land, inescapable. They were taken to another room that was somewhere deeper in the perplexing edifice that was Ka-zars home. To the more keen, some of the rooms with tables, sealed compartments, strange tools and the occasional sets of life specimens - potted, jarred - made it more evident that his home also doubled as some form of lab facility. He certainly didn't eat some of the things they'd seen- they would hope.

"What do you study?" Ali had asked as they entered the room earlier. Ka-zar wasn't one to be coaxed to speech.

The room was spacious and bare. One of the walls was the bare rock of the adjacent ridge. Kaz-ar had left them close to a half an hour ago to prep amongst themselves for the next step of the mission at hand. They made themselves comfortable, or as comfortable as the place would allow, around the room. Howlett leaned against the ridge wall idly making a miniature steak from a piece of loose wood he'd picked up, sharpening it with the middle bone claw of his right hand. Anole was looming silently in a shadowed corner while nearby Ali was stripping down to the bare spandex bodysuit that Lorna had asked her to wear while infiltrating the facilities. No tech, no metals. Ali was "Cipher" after all, able to go invisible to even psychic detection. But Lorna was taking no chances.

Lorna stood over her brother who was sprawled, relaxed on the room floor. She wiped a bit of her short, sweat-matted hair from her face as she observed him. He acted a lot less serious than he actually was. She knew him. His jest and snark and seeming nonchalance at times would mislead anyone else, but inside she knew he was every bit as grounded as she was.

"You're going to have to be the frontline against Magneto. You'll have to pack the punch and I'll back you up." Lorna said to him.

"I know." He replied

"Anole, you're Cyclops. I'll handle the Wolverine. Cipher and Howlette - "

"He needs to get a code name " Alex interjected.

"You two have to focus on keeping whatever their weapon is from ever functioning. We expect to take it out first of all, but we have to make sure there's no contingency, nothing else up their sleeve."

"Thinking a little far ahead." a voice came from the entrance of the room. Ka-zar. "Why not take things a stage at a time."

"The game plan is important." Lorna responded.

"Things do not always go as planned, girl. Cipher's mission alone could put a change on things."

Lorna peered at him without answer.

Ka-zar had in his hand a brown sac, Behind him his beast looked on silently.

"How did you get him through the door?" asked Alex as he propped himself up looking at Ka-Zar.

"He's been here since before we arrived. I brought food for you. Nourish yourself."

"Good." said Alex, We're gonna need it.

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Episode Three : Part One

Episode Three : Part One


“I know who you are.” he interrupted. “You belong to X don’t you?.”

The group looked at the stranger in astonishment. All seemed to be surprised that this tall, rugged man in naught save for a loincloth could have known about X. Several things about X, they themselves didn't know.

“He used to wear a jacket with a symbol just like that when he and his goons first wreaked havoc here. I take it he’s some sort of commander now.”

“‘Goons’ ? ‘Havoc?” asked Alex.

“What business do you have here?” the man asked.

“We’re here on a mission to capture an international criminal who has plans of committing his next act of terrorism from right here on this island.” Lorna stated, choosing to focus on the agenda at hand, obviously ignoring any insignificant questions that might arise because of the man’s statement.

“Criminal? You mean our invader Magneto, is no longer allied to X?”

“H-. How do you -”

“We’re here for Magneto.” Lorna interrupted Alex’s question. “Now if you’ll excuse us.” She turned and began to walk out of the clearing they had just made in battle and into the dense forest.  The agents all unquestioningly began to follow suit.

With a thwoop a spear flew pass Lorna’s ear and into a tree as the sabretooth snarled and roared.

“I’ve been aware of Magneto’s presence here for a while, and I want him off my island every bit as much as I want you off of it, child.”

The group turned around in shock yet poised again for a fight if necessary.

“So you’ll help us.” Lorna said.

“I had planned to get him off myself. And you’d have never been able to do it without me.”

“What do you mean? Who are you ,sir?” asked Ali.

“You are probably working in a time frame. There are no mutants on this side of the island, as you may already know. But I’m sure you haven’t accounted of the tar pit at least three of you would have gotten caught in as close as twenty five paces in the direction you were headed. Or the nests of the mutant fire wasps sunward from there. And there are more machines where your adversaries came from.” He paused and looked at them with a certain authority and condescension that suggested that all he was saying must have been true. This was, no doubt, his territory and a place he probably knew better than anyone. “My name is Ka-Zar.”

Lorna walked towards Ka-Zar, who towered over her by at least a foot, and whose muscles only added to her diminutization as she approached. Even with that difference they seemed equal in measuring up each other as they stared unrelentingly, with an air of contempt, one at the other.

“How did you plan on taking on Magneto?” Lorna asks.

“Approach him, then kill him.”

“Fair enough. We want to get close enough to his base undetected. Lead the way.”

Ka-Zar walked off in a direction left of where Lorna was initially headed; his pet silently behind him. The agents looked at each other puzzlingly before they realized Lorna was a close ways behind him, then they followed ; Alex behind her, then Ali, Howlett and Anole closely behind.

The group walked silently, pensively, for minutes through what seemed to be never ending forest. The day began to heat up, noticeably elevating humidity as the forest seemed to come alive with buzzing and croaking, and chirping and shuffling. Lorna finally broke the silence to ask what everyone else was thinking.

“You said X and Magneto wreaked havoc here?”

“A long time ago, before mutant existence was widely known, X and his fellow agents, Magneto and Wolverine were sent here after the discovery of the small community called Morlocks. They’d  been living here for a short number of years, and had been growing. X came with the promise that one day, very soon, mutants of all kinds and appearance would be able to live normally among humans and encouraged them to repatriate as a means of normalizing their existence among humans. Out of that came a war.”

"A war? There was a war here?"

"There have been other battles fought here. That was the first."

The trees were becoming more dense  as Ka-zar led them deeper into the forestry. The  agents were having more difficulty maneuvering  over and around plants as they tried to keep up with the strange jungle man. Anole had already taken to the trees, melting in them in such a way that only the occasional thud and shake was evidence of his presence. Cipher had resorted to lazily phasing through trees. Ka-zar moved expertly through, as if on auto, while he recounted his story

"There was a divide among the Morlocks over whether or not they should.stay here or repatriate, both among the people and the leader ship. The majority had begun to accept the idea of integration and were ready to leave. A smaller amount did not agree. Smaller they were, but powerful. And they rallied behind.Callisto, a high ranking leader in charge of security on the island."

"Callisto. I think I've heard that name." said Lorna. She was slightly out of breath trying to keep up with Kazaar. Her hair was now damp as the increased shade didn't do much for humidity.

"That's because we came across her in studies." said Ali. "She's in the Rogues database. She's listed as a null fugitive."

"What does that mean?"asked Howlett.

"So we know who didn't go through studies before they made the team." answered Lorna, snidely. "It means she is quite likely dead but the evidence isn't sufficient to conclude one hundred percent. Some mutants don't like to stay dead. She must also have been a codeX  which means she was very powerful. Those are the only null fugitives they thought it important enough to tell us about."

"Names though. Not details." said Cipher. "They aren't really expected to resurface. But with mutants, especially of some facets, you never know."

"Indeed she was powerful. When the battles began, with Magneto, X and the Wolverine enabling her opponents, Calisto was eventually forced to unleash her powers at an extent that nobody even knew she could." At that Kazaar paused and looked back at Lorna is such a way that it seemed he wasn't looking just at her, but into the past; a distant memory he wouldn't soon forget.

"What could she do?" asked Alex.

"She unleashed a kraken, so to speak. What seemed like an extra-dimensional being that resided in her. It grew to a sixth the size of the island, the expanse of its tentacles attacking everyone and everything in it's path."

"I thought you said Xavier wreaked havoc." Alex continued.

A smirk came over  Ka-zar’s countenance as he shook his head disappointedly. "It might appear otherwise to you child. But in truth none of this would have happened without X first coming here and manipulating its people."

"He didn't wreck the island." Lorna scowled.

Ka-zar remained nonchalant at her attitude, looking forward as he  continued to lead "He did. The mutant population of the island had developed its own rules, its own ways. To dissolve the system they would need an overwhelming three fourths vote from its leaders. Some leaders were easily coaxed to X's cause. They, like a majority of the common folk, still had daydreams of living among their human counterparts in their messed up world. Others were swing votes. Xavier promised them money, status.... love. Possessed by their needs and greed to have power in the human’s world and set above the rest, they sided with him."

"I know he made some of the diplomats, representatives, defenders of the reintegrated mutants. Some leaders were given assistance with their entrepreneurial aspirations. They still help fund the mutant cause even today. " stated Cipher

"It is funny. You children do not see into your leader's ways. You've even been taught so much and yet know little of everything that happened here. I'm not surprised."

"What are you saying?" asked Lorna

“Don't be too unquestioning. If Fay wasn't then maybe she wouldn't have disappeared. She would still be here.”

“Who are you talking about?” asked Cipher.

“We’re here.” said Ka-Zar.

Before they could even notice, the team was standing in front of an elaborate construct. A building built among the trees. Intricate and intimate it was with the forest, you might not have noticed from too far a distance or even the air.

A brief thud and rustle can from above.

“I think the green one just hit  my wall.”

“Who’s Fay?” Insisted Cipher.

“It’s none of your concern now, or mine. Let’s get you guys off this island.”

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Been a while but I'll be resuming posting by September 29th.... Keep an eye out. :)

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Episode Two : Part Two

Episode Two : Part TWO

Standing twenty feet above ground, just below the tree tops, the beady blue eyes of the monster glistened down on them, its reddish-brown scales, and razor sharp claws on its large feet serving only to magnify the intimidating features of its teeth.

The agents all braced themselves, they were poised, ready to defend themselves if - when - the situation arose. No one seemed to move, or breathe as the beast lowered its head slightly, opened its mouth and gave an eerie, long  croacking sound. “crrrrrrrkkkkkkk!!!”

Alex was the first one to break the silence, seeming to forget for that second the danger that loomed over them. “It croaks?”

“Did you expect it to roar?” answered Cipher.

All eyes remained on the beast, the team waiting for either it or Lorna to call them to action. A worse situation could not have arisen, this supposing to be a stealthy mission, may garner unwanted attention. A fight, even with just a beast, could cause a commotion that might expose their presence on the island to the very ones they sought to avoid - for now.

When one would have thought the situation couldn't get any worse, a rustling was heard from the bushes. Movement. More rustling. It got louder and the rustling continued to increase. Something or some things were coming towards them. The beast didn’t flinch;it just remained staring at them.

As the rustlings got closer and closer Lorna spotted the first man to emerge from the bushes. He wasn't very tall or built, but was no doubt fit and ready for battle. Short blonde hair and barely clothed excepting a loin cloth, and bone jewelery, the man came into the small clearing with a spear, fight on his face and nothing in his eyes. He had eyes white as though neither iris nor pupil was present.

Seconds later about twenty or thirty similar men- no, identical men - emerged, surrounding them in the clearing. All were carrying different primitive weapons - clubs, spears and stone knives - and staring intently. Lorna noticed that they seemed as unafraid or perturbed by the presence of the beast as it was of them.

She stood straight, relaxed and unintimidating - as opposed to as intimidating as one may seem to an army and a dinosaur. The rest of the team remained poised to fight regardless of Lorna’s change in body language.

Lorna looked at the first on the men to arrive, assuming he was leader somehow. “You're a mutant?” she asked.

The man continued staring at her, unchanged in his appearance, still seeming hostile.

“We're not here to harm you.... or your pet.” she continued, glancing at the beast.
“I thought this side of the island was mostly uninhabited. Didn't wanna have to gut anybody.” said Howlett. Three small glistening spikes were at the knuckles of his fist. He hadn’t as yet popped his claws.

Lorna scowled at him, glaring at him out of the side of her eyes while she still stood facing the strange multiple-man. She instructed under her breath , “There will be no gutting. If they attack Alex and Anole take the beast and Cipher, Howlett and I take the "multiple man"”.

No sooner had she finished her instruction than the “leader” with the spear uttered a loud war cry of some sort. Whether it was a language or just some form of exclamation, what he uttered was not literally understood by any on the team, but it was clear what it meant. The identical men all charged towards them weapons geared.

In a green blur Anole instinctively leaped an entire twenty feet, landing on the head of the dinosaur. It thrashed while Anole beat its head trying to take it out.

“Why did I have to get the behemoth?!” grunted Alex. His eyes and fists aglow, he fought his way through three of the men to the dinosaur and began blasting it with his plasma at the belly and legs while anole fought with its other half.

“I don’t see Anole complaining.” said Cipher.

Alex and Anole keeping the monster occupied had given Cipher, Howlett and Lorna the chance to battle with the strange men. Cipher was busy fist fighting with about five of them who were cautious of her as she quickly and expertly phased their weapons out of their hands and into the ground. She was difficult to lay a hand on but brutally laid fists and feet on them.

The men were very resilient. Even the banshee factory guards proved less troublesome as they didn’t keep getting up and coming back after being blasted by Lorna’s high tech stun ray gun. But as Lorna and Howlett fought with fist and fury, the men kept coming back. They would fall down and stagger right back to their feet, a little more beaten every time, but never staying down.

“I don't see why I can't just gut these savages.” said Howlett. Very disgruntled as he sent two of the men flying with a quick jab and kick. As soon as they were propelled another, who’d previously been knocked down, was heading back towards him. He gave this one a powerful high kick to the head and turned towards Lorna who was slightly overburdened by a group of seven.

“They keep coming out of nowhere” he said. “and they smell funny. It’s like they're not even -”

“Human.” Cipher finished his sentence. She was looking at the man Howlett just beheaded. “They’re not human! Look!”

While Howllett was busy helping Lorna from the group in which she was ensnared, Anole and Alex still beast bashing, and Cipher just having knocked down her batch for the third time - they were slowly rising again- ,they all could see what Cipher was talking about. Sparks and wires flailed from the neck of the beheaded savage; it was surprisingly still standing.

Lorna put down the headless savage with a lethal, amplified blast from her gun and started at the rest of them. “You got your wish, Howlett.”

“Finally some ‘guttage’! Though I prefer the meaty kind.” Howlett charged off and began slicing the still resilient robots. “Their insides is all metals and wires. You can take ‘em out multiply with your ‘magneta bolts’.”

“She cant you idiot.” said Alex. He was now switching his direction from the beast and charged towards the men. “The minute she uses her powers Magneto is gonna sense it. Ciph-”

“Way ahead of you.” said Cipher.

While Alex ran towards the jungle army that Cipher was handling, Cipher took off towards the dinosaur before it could start moving from the spot Alex and Anole backed it in. Alex began blasting at the men, rays of plasma passed right through Cipher before she ran right through Alex.

“Why aren’t you blasting that beast?!” yelled Howlett.

Alex hissed in response. Still blasting robot after robot, eyes aglow, not just with power but with despise for Howlett.

“You’ve a lot to learn about stealth and finesse, bub.” said Cipher. She’d arrived at the foot of the dinosaur and jumped into and began phasing up it’s belly. Soon she was emerging from the head, where Anole was, while the beast twitched fittishly. “Phasing through machines shorts and damages them. It’s much cleaner and won’t, always, cause a bang. You're free to go smash, Anole.”

One by one they took out the army of savage jungle caveman robots. Till only a few remained. A spear, out of nowhere, pinned one of the robots to a tree. The group turned around shocked, as another man, looking much similar to the robots jumped into the fight from the bushes. He was accompanied by a gigantic sabertooth tiger and began taking out the rest of the robots. When he clubbed the final one with the spear he dragged from a tree, the X-agents all stood, looking baffled at the newest savage.

He had shoulder length blond hair and wore a key necklace. Tall and strapping his godlike figure stood, nearly naked save for a loincloth, as he scrutinized them. Eyes furrowed, lips purse he was evidently displeased with them.
He looked at Lorna. “That’s the last of them.” he said- a language they could understand. “What are you doing here?”
 “This place keeps getting weirder and weirder.” expressed Alex in disbelief.